What is API Management?

When you have a number of APIs you need to be able to manage them. API store, gateway, lifecycle management and governance are the key elements of API management.

10 Must Know Concepts When Working with APIs

This article explains 10 concepts that you mist be familiar with when you work with APIs. It is very useful for both new API developers, as well as those who are familiar with APIs but looking for a reference guide.

API Expertise for Developers: 3 things you should know

If you are a developer looking to succeed in todays software development arena your API know-how is a critical factor. This article explains HTTP basics, resources and representations.

Understanding API Invocations

API developers who provide or consume APIs will benefit a great deal from being able to understand the anatomy of an API implementation. The API provider implements the API and publish the API for consumers. The API will reside on a server waiting for requests to come in. This article helps you to understand API invocation semantics.

Debugging API Driven Applications

Learn the divide and conquer principles that you would need to master when you want to debug API driven applications. The article details how to dig into API consumer application, API service and database related problem causes and how to identify those with ease.