API, application and data integrations are a must have in to facilitate delivering digital transformation. Those are foundational to best customer experiences and services. 

API driven integration common place but applications are becoming more complex. APIS and API driven applications are distributed and must scale and change rapidly to keep pace in competitive markets.

Today’s application designers and developers in depth skills in API driven, cloud-native integration technologies and agile methodologies.

Our Message

Enterprise Application Integration does not have to be hard. It is easy and simple, as long as you understand the principles and adhere to the design patterns.

Do not run after hype. Look for the right tools. Be informed of the platform, product and support quality.
If you are adopting open source solutions, look into the total cost of ownership, support you get and the implications of lifetime costs.

Integration could seem complicated, if you do not uplift the skills of your team. Help your team to learn and empower them to explore. People are a critical factor, probably the most critical, in any integration project.

“In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”

– Eric Hoffer


APIs are the cornerstones of todays integration. For both B2B and B2B integration purposes, businesses expose APIs. Applications consume APIs rather than consuming databases directly. API security and managing QoS of the APIs are key areas of focus.


Integration requires experience. Today’s software solutions are like sandwiches with many layers of integration. Each layer would have different flavours of technology. Developers need experience to be able analyze, debug and understand the integration challenges.


Integration is not just about technology. It is also about people. Leadership is a critical people skill. Both on technology matters as well as on people matters you need architects and product & project managers to provide leadership. Agile decision making and execution is a critical factor in the space of enterprise integration.


We present you a wide range of topics to build your software integration knowhow. In your efforts to implement digital transformation and though that good governance and sustainable growth to the enterprise, you will need to master and array of topics. Our objective is to inspire you and ignite your creativity and curiosity though each and every topics that we bring to you.


You can learn a wide array of topics here at Integration Help site. Explore our knowledge base and articles library for what you are looking to learn.